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Начало Струни за цигулка Thomastik Infeld Vision Titanium Вижън Титаниум соло сол ( G ) единична струна за цигулка

Вижън Титаниум соло сол ( G ) единична струна за цигулка

Цена: 38.00лв.
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Томастик Вижън Титаниум соло единична струна сол G за цигулка

със сребърна намотка

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readjust your mind -- in the beginning there was a vision

Thomastik-Infeld, the innovative leader in orchestral string design and production for 85 years, are pleased to continue their legacy with the introduction of the Vision(tm) strings for violin.
These strings are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of advanced violinists, including those who excel in orchestreal or chamber group settings. They settle in quickly and can achieve a stable tuning within a very short time and are exceptionally easy to play.
Their durability is unsurpassed compared to other synthetic core strings.
Players will be pleased with the compatibility between Vision(tm) strings and other Thomastik-Infeld synthetic core strings such as Dominant(tm), Infeld(tm) Red and Blue.
Vision(tm) violin strings - made with your vision in mind.

Vision Titanium(tm) have a pure focused tone, and are the choice of solists. The ball ends are made of Titanal. The string surface is highly polished. Vision Titanium(tm) violin strings ar e available in two versions: Soloist and Orchestral/Chamber musician.
Set: vit100 Titanium | Set No.: vit100
          kp lbs
vit01  e2  mi2  stainless steel wire, titanium design(tm), removable titanal ball end  8,0  17,6 
vit02  a1  la1  II  synthetic core, aluminum wound, titanal ball end  5,5  12,1 
vit03  d1  re1  III  synthetic core, pure silver wound, titanal ball end  4,7  10,3 
vit04  sol  IV  synthetic core, pure silver wound, titanal ball end  4,7  10,3