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Начало Струни за цигулка Thomastik Infeld Superflexible Томастик Суперфлексибъл струни за цигулка Rope core комплект

Томастик Суперфлексибъл струни за цигулка Rope core комплект

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Томастик Суперфлексибъл струни за цигулка Rope core комплект

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 4 бр. в наличност.

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Catalog violin strings

Superflexible strings with a braided steel core

Braided steel core strings for universal use

This string is an advance over conventional solid strings, lying midway in the path of evolution from the solid core to the advanced spiral core type.

The solid core has been replaced by a cable-type structure made up of braided steel threads. This reduces the string's stiffness, improving its elasticity. Superflexible is incomparably responsive and its tone seems to literally radiate from the instrument, without the least harshness. Durability, tuning stability and purity of open fifths are unsurpassed. Superflexible is a dependable all-round string for the discerning musician, at home with every type of bowing and in every musical situation. Superflexible is not only appropriate for the special timbre of viola and 'cello but seems to restore the original beauty of tone to these instruments which other strings often tend to hide.

Violine 4/4
Set: 15 medium | Set No.: 15
          kp lbs
e2  mi2  Aluminiumumspinnung  7,8  17,2 
10  a1  la1  II  Chromumspinnung  6,5  14,3 
12  d1  re1  III  Chromumspinnung  5,9  13,0 
13  sol  IV  Chromumspinnung  5,5  12,1