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Acousta Grip Concert Performer Възглавничка за цигулка

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Acousta Grip Concert PerformerВъзглавничка за цигулка 

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Acousta Grip Възглавничка за цигулка
Acousta Grip Възглавничка за цигулка
  • All Acousta Grip shoulder pads have the following features:
  • The Acousta Grip series for adults fits for 4/4, 3/4 and partly 1/2 size violins
  • Acousta Grip has no clamps that mute the sound of the instrument
  • Acousta Grip is ergonomically shaped and stays attached thanks to the micro-air technology
  • Acousta Grip is very comfortable
  • Acousta Grip provides the player with a secure hold and can be attached and removed repeatedly
  • Acousta Grip fits easily into the instrument case and even serves as additional pad
  • Acousta Grip lessens pain and pressure marks on chin, neck and collarbone
  • The 2-layer design of the Acousta Grip Concert Master is its key feature
  • The other is unique since it attaches to the back of the instrument thanks to micro air technology